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Over the past year and a half I have been advising a company, Fanium, who launched the first ever mobile-only Fantasy Football app this week.

Unlike other fantasy football apps, Fanium is it’s own league, completely rethought for a mobile future.  It has no legacy website, not tied to any legacy products (such as Yahoo or ESPN).  Instead they sought out to solve the problem, “What would a Fantasy Sports App look like if Fantasy Sports was invented today?”.  In doing so, I really think they have the potential to create fantasy sports for the next generation.

Totally Mobile Draft

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Anyone who has done a live fantasy draft knows that drafts are both really fun and hard to put together.  Everybody either has to be at the same place at the same time, or at their computer at the same time. Fanium, by focusing on a mobile draft, has managed to keep the fu

n and solve the coordination problem.

The Fanium Draft gives you 8 hours to make a pick and sends you push notifications when you are on the clock.  They make it really easy for you to see what players are available and have a really fun lightweight chat room so you can talk smack with your friends about your picks.  It can take anywhere from a couple days to a week, and I actually find this much nicer than a 2 hour draft, as the fun is spread out and you have some time to think about your picks.

I believe this is the future of fantasy drafts, as I can’t imagine teenagers who text 1000 times a day and live on their phones all get together on a laptop or desktop at a specific time to draft.  Sure my generation of people who waited for their parents to get off the phone to chat on AIM will, but the next one will not.

Simple League Settings, Fun Scoring System

Like many great things, fantasy sports was invented by nerds – and the league settings scoring systems reflect that.  The effort to create a realistic experience of managing a team has turned away many people and cut off some of the fun.  On Fanium, there are 8 team leagues.  You don’t have to set a team name (which is a stressful part of the sign up process), and there is no Defense or Kicker position.  While some die hards might call this heresy, this gives you the chance to field a team of stars who will be getting a ton of action on Sunday, and thus you can root for.  And while some may actually root for Defense and Kicking, most people who watch a 6-3 football game say that it’s pretty boring.

While it’s still preseason and I haven’t seen it in action, I think this scoring system allows league formation to be a bit easier, quicker, and is more approachable for the casual fan.

photo (17)Real Time News from Twitter

Before Fanium decided to build to pivot to build this app they were experimenting with being the StockTwits for Sports.  In doing so they built some great technology that aggregates Twitter feeds of teams and players.  They have taken that technology and integrated it into the app instead of traditional news.  While not as clean as traditional news, it gives you much more insight into what is happening from a ton more sources.  While the games are going on, this news is much more timely and really engaging.

I believe this is the future because I believe that services like Twitter and StockTwits are the future of news.  While this may seem “strange” for your father, this will be super familiar for younger users and there is so much cool stuff you can do with it – such as searching the feeds for “injury” words about and sending real time push notifications.

Fanium has appeal for anyone who loves fantasy sports, but I really believe it has huge potential to be the first fantasy app for many people who have never played fantasy sports.

I encourage you to try it out and invite your friends.  You can download it on iPhone or Android.  I also created a league for some of my followers on Twitter and coworkers at StockTwits.  You can join me with league ID: 13624


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